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Spring Break in the Bahamas

Posted on 04.17.14 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart

The red-eye flight to Fort Lauderdale blinked by, and after stretching our legs and filling out the entry forms, the 16 of us piled into three charter planes bound for Andros International Airport, a glorified landing strip in The Bahamas.

Chewbacca Squirrel

Posted on 04.04.14 | by Layton Hopper
I think most students would agree with me when I say that Princeton is an incredibly safe place. Perhaps because the school is surrounded by quiet suburbia and protected by a very visible on campus police force, I had never felt endangered while on campus. But, that all changed on a recent Friday morning.
orange things

Um, Are Our Colors Orange and Black?

Posted on 03.21.14 | by Aliisa Lee
At some point in my college search, I realized what Princeton’s colors are. I'd never been a huge fan of orange, and I particularly remember being struck by its combination with black. It's a combo I hadn’t encountered frequently, except for maybe in Halloween decorations, a few types of animals, and construction signs. My skepticism began to decline one day in March last year, the day I trembingly opened my browser to a page that knocked me to the ground in tears of joyful confusion.
A moment of thought in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Five Reasons to Love the Senior Thesis

Posted on 03.18.14 | by Carmina Aguilar Mancenon
PTL. Wherever I looked, that acronym seemed to be scribbled, from chalk on the sidewalk to Facebook status updates. According to UrbanDictionary.com, "Post-Thesis Life" (or PTL for short) is “the beautiful time when a college senior is finally finished with their senior thesis and can enjoy senior spring like a normal human being.” The Princeton Senior Thesis is a yearlong academic project, usually around 100 pages, required of all Princeton students (though engineers are given the option to pursue a semester-long independent project instead).
drawing of girl studying by the window

I Want To Be the Very Best (English Major)

Posted on 03.15.14 | by Aliisa Lee

I love to read, but I don't always carry a book under my arm or automatically analyze everything. I have favorite books, but I don't know the ins-and-outs of literature. And that'd always been fine to me. But somewhere in my early time at Princeton, this idea of a true, very best English major crept over my thoughts towards the concentration. I realized the good English major Aliisa is a literary buff who reads 24/7, and who loves to quote and speak extensively about a broad range of authors and niches of literature. And I realized I wasn't her.


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