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13.1 Miles Later...

Posted on 11.26.14 | by Rachel Newman

I remember my first gut impulse to do something like this came this summer, when I got the same email I had been receiving for the past two years about the Princeton half, which I usually ignored. But this time it was different.


Beasts of the Princeton Wild

Posted on 11.03.14 | by Aliisa Lee
Oh Disney, what tales you spun! Where I live, animals do not rest in my lap or gather round affectionately. The Princeton deer are flighty, raccoons gluttonous, cats indifferent, squirrels deranged, and not even singing to them can help. If I were Snow White, I would choose somewhere far, far away to make my woodland home.

An Application Story

Posted on 10.15.14 | by Aliisa Lee
So I have a few brothers and sisters, three of whom went to college before me. Every time one of my older siblings headed off, my parents would find a stuffed animal that matched the mascot of the new school, then pop it on one of their pillows as some affectionate decoration.
Group photo

Spring Break in the Bahamas, part II

Posted on 10.15.14 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart
Day 4 continued: My team was closest to camp, so we could see the water creeping toward our tents, probably an inch every few seconds. We ran back just as the first few tents were inundated, and we began dragging the tents onto the highest ground possible.
Drone launch

Two Months in Namibia

Posted on 10.15.14 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart
Until last January, I had never heard the word “Ediacaran” in my life. Nor could I reliably point out to you where the country Namibia is on a map. Despite that, I spent all of June and July in Namibia as a field assistant for a geosciences graduate student, Akshay Mehra, who is studying what could be some of the first animals who inhabited the earth during the end of the Ediacaran period.


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