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Posted on Mar 23 2015, by Libby Tolman ’15

The exact form of the thesis and the time frame in which students complete it vary a lot between departments, but in physics the process starts in the summer before senior year when students decide what topic they want to work on; whether they want to do computational, theoretical, or experimental physics; and who they want to advise them.

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High Above Antarctica

Posted on Feb 24 2015, by William C. Jones

Drifting through the stratosphere about 116,000-feet above the Earth, SPIDER's six cameras collected data that will enable us to look for the characteristic signature of gravitational waves generated in the early Universe.

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Two Months in Namibia

Posted on Oct 15 2014, by Adrian Tasistro-Hart ’17

Until last January, I had never heard the word “Ediacaran” in my life. Nor could I reliably point out to you where the country Namibia is on a map. Despite that, I spent all of June and July in Namibia as a field assistant for a geosciences graduate student, Akshay Mehra, who is studying what could be some of the first animals who inhabited the earth during the end of the Ediacaran period.

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Drone launch