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A beautiful image of the Louvre at night, with the I.M. Pei pyramid in front.

Croissants, Franglais, and Lady Macbeth in Paris

Posted on 02.28.14 | by Tyler Lawrence
On occasion, Princeton affords me an opportunity that seems nothing short of miraculous. People ask me how these experiences fall into my lap, and sometimes I have an explanation, but oftentimes I’ve just two words: Princeton magic. Over intersession, Princeton magic took me to Paris.

Food, Food, Food

Posted on 02.28.14 | by Aliisa Lee

So today, let's chat a bit about food and eating experiences at Princeton!

Major Issues?

Posted on 02.28.14 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart

“What’s your major?” A useful phrase in the toolbox of mundane small talk, and for many freshmen who aren’t pre-med or engineers (God bless their souls), the answer ranges from halfhearted speculation to a resolute, “Undecided.” Every now and then, though, the question becomes personal, and, at least for me, it sounds more like, “How could I possibly choose?”

Smashing Pumpkins with Smashing Pumpkins

Posted on 02.27.14 | by Layton Hopper

The college experience, perhaps more so than any other, should be defined by a sense of freedom – the freedom to study what interests us, the freedom to transform ourselves into whomever we want to be, and, of course, the freedom to let loose like we’ve always wanted. I’m happy to say that it was this freedom that pervaded at Wilson College’s last study break.

Eating Clubs Up Close

Posted on 02.27.14 | by Dylan Larson-Konar

Just over two-thirds of Princeton upperclassmen are members of an eating club. There are 11 clubs in total and each has its own distinct feel.


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