Faculty Profiles

Princeton undergraduates have direct access to many of the best minds in the world, including Nobel laureates, MacArthur Fellows and Pulitzer Prize winners. Princeton's 850 full-time faculty members are leaders in their fields who conduct disciplinary and interdisciplinary research that pushes back the frontiers of knowledge.

All faculty members at Princeton teach as well as engage in scholarly research. Faculty members work most closely with undergraduates in the supervision of junior-year independent work and senior theses, projects that faculty often say bring forth new discoveries for them as well as the students.

With a student to faculty ratio at Princeton of 5:1, undergraduates benefit from close working relationships with faculty throughout their undergraduate careers. Faculty members do more than teach; they are also academic advisers who help undergraduates shape their academic programs and discover new intellectual passions.

Inspired by Princeton's teachers, students are encouraged to explore new avenues of thinking, which can emerge in the lab, or in the dance studio, or on field trips to off-campus destinations, such as art museums in New York or a geosciences trip to Bermuda or a tropical biology trip to Panama. We invite you to meet some Princeton faculty members.