Nikhil Basu Trivedi '11, alumnus

Originally from Oxford, England, Nikhil Basu Trivedi and his family moved to the Northern California Bay Area in 2002. He soon became fascinated with the entrepreneurial culture of nearby Silicon Valley. When it was time to choose a university, Basu Trivedi was deeply attracted to Princeton’s opportunities for undergraduates to work independently, yet in close concert with highly renowned faculty. The choice was easy.

Basu Trivedi currently works at Shasta Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm in California's Silicon Valley. He previously worked at Insight Venture Partners, a New York City venture capital firm, which he joined full-time after graduation following an internship as an undergraduate.

He continues to work on a social venture called My Card My Story, which employs disabled artisans in India to produce handmade greeting cards. He founded it with three other Princeton students through a class they took called "Ventures to Address Global Challenges."

Basu Trivedi majored in molecular biology and earned a certificate in finance. His senior thesis advisor was President Shirley Tilghman, one of the world's leading genetics researchers. "It was a pretty incredible and unique experience to be advised and mentored by her," Basu Trivedi recalls.

His studies focused him on career objectives. “I’m very interested in the concept of personalized medicine,” he says, “particularly in the areas of drug delivery and treatment of illness through genetic research, with a focus on the financial issues surrounding these discoveries.”

He emphasizes that as an undergraduate, he was challenged not only by his professors, but by his peers as well. "Both have had a big impact on my life," he says. "I feel we all have learned so much from one another.”

Basu Trivedi’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident in his extracurricular activities. He served as the co-president of Princeton’s highly regarded entrepreneurship club and was involved with the creation of a few start-up companies. He met one business partner when that student accidentally took his textbook when leaving class. “We eventually sorted that out, and in the process realized we were interested in the same things,” he says.

He spent his summers during his undergraduate years cultivating his interests. In addition to working in venture capital, he also worked on a Web start-up that promoted artwork. “Basically, the site facilitated the discovery of artwork online," he says. "We launched the first version, and I was excited to see it grow.”

Basu Trivedi is enjoying his current life as an alumnus and connecting with other Princeton alumni all around the world. “I get questions once in a while from prospective students about moving to the U.S., molecular biology, entrepreneurship and other things, which is a lot of fun," he says.