Antoinette Seaberry Murphy '05, alumna

The career path of Toni Seaberry Murphy ’05 suggests that she is a leader, and in many ways she honed her leadership skills while serving in student government at Princeton.

Seaberry, who studied French, Italian and economics, began her career as an analyst at UBS Investment Bank in New York City, where she followed media companies specializing in cable, satellite, broadcasting and outdoor advertising. She participated in some of the industry’s highest visibility mergers and acquisitions, including Adephia’s $17.6 billion sale to Time Warner and Comcast’s $483 million acquisition of Patriot Media.

Her next career move took her to Glendon Partners, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm that is the operational arm of The Gores Group LLC. There, she was integral in overseeing Gores’ portfolio and in conducting due diligence research critical to the company’s new acquisitions.

From Glendon, she moved to Comcast, the country’s largest provider of cable services, where she was manager of financial and strategic planning. At Comcast’s Philadelphia headquarters, she participated in corporate budgeting, capital market analyses, valuation of merger and acquisition opportunities, and oversight of Comcast’s cable, programming and Internet assets.

Today she is director of business support and analytics for the Greater Chicago region of Comcast. In this role, she is responsible for business development, finance and general administration.

As she has done in the business world, Seaberry made an indelible mark on Princeton. She came to the University knowing she wanted to have an impact, get involved and make a difference. She did so through student government.

She served as vice president of the Class of 2005 during her junior and senior years. She says class officers are liaisons between the students and the administration on every issue that affects student life whether academic, social or personal.

“We had meetings with University President Shirley Tilghman all the time,” says Seaberry, who couldn’t imagine a more powerful, or more immediate, learning experience. “At a very young age, obviously very uninformed, you have to perform at a level you’ve never performed at before. You’re sitting in front of the president of the best university in the country. You have to come in with hard-core facts and really be able to articulate what you want to say in a way that’s thoughtful and meaningful.”

Seaberry’s involvement at Princeton didn’t end with student government. She was also a resident adviser for two years. As a minority affairs adviser, she dealt specifically with issues of race, gender, sexuality and religion.

When Seaberry thinks about Princeton now, she appreciates even more the "no loan" financial aid program, which offset her cost of attending the University using grant money she wasn't expected to pay back.

“I have friends who went to other schools who are up to their eyeballs in student loans,” she says. “When my parents saw the "no loan" program, they said, ‘Forget about all the other ones. You’re going to Princeton!’”