Information for Guidance Counselors

As a guidance counselor, your goal is to help students find a college that offers the best match. At Princeton, we have a similar goal: to find extraordinary students who will take the fullest advantage of a Princeton education.  Of interest may be Profile (.pdf), our newsletter to guidance counselors.

Here are a few things we’d like you to know about Princeton:

We strive to build a diverse, multifaceted student body.
We value the unique contributions that can be made by students with the broadest range of talents and interests who come from the widest range of backgrounds. We seek to enroll our share of the most talented students in the nation and from around the world, students who hail from virtually all socioeconomic brackets and cultural backgrounds. Our admission process, of course, is highly selective (we currently accept one out of ten applicants), but we encourage all qualified students to apply.

We offer one of the best financial aid packages in the country.
Since 2001, Princeton has pioneered the “no loan” financial aid package. We meet 100 percent of each applicant’s financial need, and offer an aid package consisting of grants and student employment. Student loans are not required, although some students may choose to borrow to replace an earnings shortfall or purchase a computer. Many students graduate with little or no debt. Currently, about 60 percent of our freshmen receive financial aid from Princeton.

We assess each student’s unique achievements.
When assessing applications, we look closely at each applicant and evaluate their unique achievements in the context of the opportunities provided by their schools and communities. The result is a student body that reflects a wide range of educational backgrounds.

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The University's admission process involves a holistic review of each applicant's entire file. No particular factor is assigned a fixed weight; rather, the process involves a highly individualized assessment of the applicant's talents, achievements and his or her potential to contribute to learning at Princeton.