Early Action FAQs

Is there an advantage to applying single-choice early action?

All applicants to Princeton, whether they apply early action or regular decision, receive the same comprehensive, holistic review. Those who apply early gain no strategic advantage; the only advantage is one of convenience. If you know that Princeton is your first choice, then it may make sense for you to apply early.

May I apply for rolling admission to another college or university?

Yes, as long as the decision is not binding.

May I apply early to an honors program at a public university?

You may apply early to a public college or university, including to a public institution's honor's program, as long as the decision is not binding.

Will alumni be available to interview me if I apply for early action?

In most cases, alumni will be available to interview early action applicants. If an interview cannot be scheduled for logistical reasons, you will not be at a disadvantage; alumni interviews are an optional piece of Princeton’s application process.

Can I submit supplementary materials including art supplements with my early action application?

If you are very interested in architecture, creative writing, dance, music, theater or visual arts, we welcome your Optional Arts online submission of your portfolio. Submission deadline is Nov. 7. If you are unable to submit the form online, you may use a paper Optional Arts Form. For a list of acceptable file formats and submission types, please download this PDF.

If I am applying early, do I need to submit first quarter and trimester grades from my senior year in high school?

Yes, if possible, please ask your college counselor to submit any senior grades if your high school has them available.