Are minimum grade-point averages, class ranks or test scores required for admission?

No. We consider all of these measures, but only within the context of each applicant’s school and situation. In general, our most promising candidates tend to earn high grades and have comparatively high scores on standardized tests. These criteria, while important, do not by themselves provide a complete picture of each student’s academic accomplishment or potential. We evaluate all aspects of a student’s academic preparation. Learn more about academic preparation.

Can students begin studies at Princeton during the spring semester?

No. Freshmen are admitted for the fall term only.

Is it possible to transfer to Princeton from another college or university?

No. Princeton does not offer transfer admission. Any student who has graduated from secondary school and enrolled as a full-time or part-time degree candidate at any college or university worldwide is considered a transfer applicant and is not eligible for undergraduate admission. Additionally, any student who has completed a post-secondary degree is not eligible for undergraduate admission or a second undergraduate degree from Princeton.

Does Princeton consider applicants who have been home schooled?

Yes. We receive and consider applications from home schooled students every year.  In fact, the valedictorian of the Princeton Class of ’02 was home schooled before entering Princeton.  Review our tips for home schooled students.

May high school juniors apply?

While we will consider applications from students who choose to leave high school early, they must be competitive with students who have completed rigorous, comprehensive course work through senior year. This option tends to be most realistic for students who have exhausted their high school’s academic offerings.

May I apply for regular decision to Princeton if I have already been admitted to another college or university under a binding early decision plan?

No. When you apply to another college or university under a binding early decision plan, you have made a commitment to attend that college if admitted. We honor that commitment and do not consider applicants under those circumstances.