Academic Preparation

During the admission process, our goal is to find students who will thrive in Princeton’s rigorous academic environment. With this in mind, we offer a suggested course of study to help students prepare for Princeton.

This is not a list of admission requirements. We understand that not all secondary schools offer the same academic opportunities, and we give full consideration to students who don’t have access to all of these courses.

If possible, we expect students will complete the following courses before beginning study at Princeton: 

  • four years of English (including continued practice in writing)
  • four years of mathematics (including calculus for students interested in engineering)
  • four years of one foreign language
  • at least two years of laboratory science (including physics and chemistry for students interested in engineering)
  • at least two years of history

In addition, most candidates have had some study in the visual or performing arts.

Whenever you can, challenge yourself with the most rigorous courses possible, such as honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and dual-enrollment courses. We will evaluate the International Baccalaureate (IB), A-levels or another diploma in the context of the program’s curriculum.

Consult your school adviser or counselor to plan a program to help you succeed at whatever college or university you attend.